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Stories of the forgotten in a world where immortality is just a price tag



In a dystopian city, an ageing courier is forced to go into business with an underworld ganglord in order to pay for the treatment that keeps him alive. 


Set in a sprawling dystopian metropolis called 'The Strata' and featuring an ensemble cast, this podcast interweaves a collection of stories into a single overarching narrative. 


A fantastic world. Characters that feel real. A story that won't let go.

The Strata is a Beyond the Dark production.

Writer, Audio Engineer, Producer, Director

Mark R. Healy is the founder of Beyond The Dark Productions and lives in Brisbane,

Australia.  An Amazon best-selling

author, Mark has been working

on audio projects since 2010 and has

received critical acclaim for his 'Hibernal'

project, along with podcasts 'Beyond the Dark'

and 'The Strata'

Mark R. Healy




Jason is a voice actor based just outside of sunny Detroit, MI. He displays a wide range of voice over abilities with the help of his home studio and his cat.

jason churray-sm.jpg

Jason Churray


David Cook is a jazz vocalist who has been voice acting for a few years and has been a part of numerous audio dramas, animations, and video games including Syntherapy, an interactive video game developed by Crowned Daemon Studios.  He resides in Southern California.

David Cook headshot-sm.jpg

David Cook


Rhiannon is an actor, singer, and voice actor living in the U.K. with her outrageously fluffy cat and outrageously British husband. She sustains herself on video games, tabletop antics, and far too many vegan reuben sandwiches.

Rhiannon Moushall-sm.jpg

Rhiannon Moushall


Film, theatre and commercial actor

Michelle Mosley-sm.jpg

Michelle Mosley


Based in Brooklyn, NY - Luke spends his days in a dark closet with a microphone; or at a table, spinning up adventure with his loved ones.

Luke Wheeler-sm2.jpg

Luke Wheeler


Alyssa Marteja


Nina is an Aussie voice actor and content creator, addicted to wholesome and horror games in equal parts. She loves her dog, treasures her house plants and reading, and has an interest in all the things that make up the universe. You can learn more about her at voicesofnina.com!


Nina Nikolic


Nhea Durousseau is a voice actress in Northern Virginia. She read many books growing up, but generally not the ones assigned by her teachers. They weren't very good at picking books. Having grown up on a steady diet of genre fiction, she occasionally annoyed her family with character voices. They were very unsurprised when she went into a field like voice acting but love her nonetheless.


Nhea Durousseau


Charlie Wilson is a NYC based VO artist with

20+ years experience

Charlie Wilson Headshot.jpg

Charlie Wilson


Matt's experience in VoiceOver includes National Broadcast commercials, major tv network animation projects (currently in development), and numerous Indie video games. As a theatrical actor, his credits include Broadway US National Tours and numerous professional regional productions. He studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in NYC, and he has a BA in music from California State University, Sacramento.

Matt Surges-sm.jpg

Matt Surges


Christopher Voltsis is a Canadian-American voice actor and sound engineer best known for his roles in MechWarrior Online and MechWarrior 5: Heroes of The Inner Sphere. In 2020 the need for remote voice acting increased significantly, and Chris' sound engineering expertise enabled him to provide cinema-quality audio to studios around the world.

Chris Voltsis


I like stories.

Nicholas Dunlap-sm.jpg

Nicholas Dunlap


Zachary Silva is a Canadian actor trained in Stage, Film and Voice. A graduate of Canadore College, Zachary has 12+ years of combined amateur and professional experience.

Zachary Silva


Madeleine Norton (she/her) is from Dallas, TX and a recent college graduate in the fine arts, performing across the metroplex since the tender age of 6. This is her debut into the wonderful world of podcast, and she couldn’t be happier to take part with the members of Beyond The Dark!

madeleine norton-sm.jpg

Madeleine Norton


With microphone in hand and headphones on

his… well head, Anthony Izzi inputs

his glowing personality into each role to bring characters to life.

Anthony Izzi