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Stories of the forgotten in a world where immortality is just a price tag

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In a dystopian city, an ageing courier is forced to go into business with an underworld ganglord in order to pay for the treatment that keeps him alive. 


Set in a sprawling dystopian metropolis called 'The Strata' and featuring an ensemble cast, this podcast interweaves a collection of stories into a single overarching narrative. 


A fantastic world. Characters that feel real. A story that won't let go.

The Strata is a Beyond the Dark production.

About Page
Writer, Audio Engineer, Producer, Director

Mark R. Healy is the founder of Beyond The Dark Productions and lives in Brisbane,

Australia.  An Amazon best-selling

author, Mark has been working

on audio projects since 2010 and has

received critical acclaim for his 'Hibernal'

project, along with podcasts 'Beyond the Dark'

and 'The Strata'

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Mark R. Healy


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